Sirin & Gilboa

The wind turbine farms on the Gilboa and Ramat Sirin, set up in Israel, by Afcon Group, are pioneering and innovative projects for generating electricity from green energy through modern wind turbines. These wind farms produce electricity from wind energy through 25 turbines that stand 44 meters high: 14 at the Ma’ale Gilboa Site and 11 at the Ramat Sirin Site – generating a total of about 22MW of clean green electricity. The set-up process began in 2015. This was a complex, challenging engineering project that entailed cutting-edge technology in the field of renewable energy. The farms were connected to the national electricity network in 2016. The projects were executed through a joint effort of most of the Group’s subsidiaries, led by our EPC Energy experts who specialize in planning and executing complex energy and infrastructure projects.


21.3 MW

Project capacity


Commercial Operation

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Energy Storage Farm

Sirin & Gilboa

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