The Greek Libra Group joins the Afcon Group for activity in the energy market in Poland

Afcon is expanding in Poland: the project that will bring in NIS 230 million

Afcon continues the investment trend in Europe: it will open projects in Italy

Renewable energy is going abroad: Afcon purchased projects in Poland

The Israeli energy company acquires projects and strengthens in Europe

To the extent of tens of millions: new turbines in the Golan Heights

Afcon expands operations in Poland: acquires a solar project with a capacity of approximately 101 megawatts

Afcon will build an energy storage facility for Dalia Energies for NIS 70 million

Afcon in a framework agreement in Spain to invest in projects of up to 350 mega

Afcon Holdings won a tender for the production of electricity in Poland to the extent of 40 megawatts

A corporation owned by Afcon signed an agreement to develop solar energy projects in Italy

Afcon will purchase and build a project in Poland for 23-28 million euros


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