Energy Storage Farm

A project for planning and executing the largest energy storage farm in Israel, with a capacity of 16/88MWh. Afcon Group is a pioneer in Israel, having set up the first facility for high voltage battery storage. Afcon won the tender held by Dalia Energies to set up a large-scale energy storage facility on the power station’s land, adjacent to Kfar Menahem. This energy storage facility is based on LFP batteries with a capacity of 88MWh. Set up in 2022, this is the largest storage facility in Israel. The project conveys Afcon’s dominance in conducting such projects and introducing innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy. The entire project was planned and executed by the Group’s subsidiaries, led by EPC Energy experts, who specialize in the planning and execution of complex infrastructure and energy projects.

Energy Storage


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Energy Storage Farm

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